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Since arriving in Toronto with his family at the age of 6, Michael has been enthralled with the athletic and scientific cultures of Canada. Through diverse experiences in student body leadership, varsity athletics, and international education, Michael has since become a well-rounded User Experience (UX) and Human Performance researcher, with ambitions to integrate story-telling, statistical analysis, and technological innovations to the forefront of design. As an avid listener, curious traveler, and devoted baller, Michael is always seeking the next challenge. Michael holds a BSc in Kinesiology, MSc in Neuroscience, and MSc in Human Factors in Information Design; with complimentary professional certificates in Data Science, Project Management, Business Writing, University Teaching, and French as a second language.

Professional Profile

Michael is fascinated by human behaviour and performance within the context of technology, athletics, and healthcare. In hopes of driving informed design, Michael has developed and implemented various quantitative and qualitative research programs to better understand the human experience. With over 5 years of research experience and 2 MSc degrees in Neuroscience and UX, Michael continually strives to optimize human efficiencies. With over 2 years of management experience within cross-functional research (R&D) teams,  Michael is familiar with facing novel and unique challenges associated with exploratory topics. Michael is an applied researcher with an established skill of story-telling and framing to communicate scientific findings for corporate needs. After all, “people understand numbers, but resonate with stories.” 

Human Behavioral/UX Research Methods0%
Data Analytics0%
Information Architecture and Data Visualization0%
Research and Design Team Management0%
User Insights and Story Telling0%
BSc Kinesiology, University of Waterloo

A Co-operative program, enabling professional work experience with established organizations and leading human factors and ergonomics consulting teams.

MSc Neuroscience, University of Waterloo

A thesis-based program with focus on understanding human behaviour and cognitive tendencies, through eye tracking and motion capturing technology.

MSc Human Factors (UX), Bentley University

An international course-based program with focus on applying User Experience concepts, tools, and practices in collaboration with partnering businesses.